Alternative Conveyor Supplies Ltd ( ACS Ghana) is a private registered company limited by shares
under the Ghana’s companies ACT, 1963( ACT 179), the company was formed in July 2020 to provides
supplies and maintenance of mining and industrial conveyor systems and spares in Ghana and other
nearby West African countries. With the help of our highly experienced engineers, ACS Ghana started designing and manufacturing of belt conveyor systems for food and beverage industry, logistics and aggregate sectors. With our goal of becoming a complete alternative conveyor solutions provider in the areas of Mining, quarry and food and beverage industries over the years we have developed good contacts with globally recognized manufacturers in Turkey, India ,
South Africa , China, UK , USA in order to meet our customers varied needs.

  • Mining
  •  Aggregate ( stone ) quarry
  •  Pharmaceutical manufact
  •  Food and beverage industries