Alternative Conveyor Supplies Ltd main focus is to provide alternative cost-effective solutions to Ghanaian mining, Aggregate and food processing industries by manufacturing of full conveyor systems locally and supply of quality conveyor components from reliable manufacturers:

Conveyor belts

Our company supplies both heavy-duty rubber conveyor belts use in mining and aggregate industry as well FDA approved food-grade conveyor belts for food and beverage industries;

Rubber Conveyor Belts

ACS Ghana constantly holds stock of heavy-duty rubber conveyor belts for mining, aggregate and general purpose applications from reliable manufacturers , we have both unbranded and branded belts like Dunlop. Most of our belts are abrasion resistant (AR) and fire resistant (FR) purposely manufactured for Mining and aggregate industries. Our belts widths ranges from 500mm to 1600mm,tensile strength EP400, EP630, EP800 and EP1000 EP1600 with thickness 7mm to 25mm, standard grade: DIN Y, M,Z, X, M-24 etc . We can also supplies customized specifications from our manufacturers upon.

Food-grade Conveyor belts

ACS Ghana food-grades conveyor belts consist of Polyurethane (PU) and Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) and homogeneous or microbial conveyor belts widely use in the following areas:

  • Food and Beverage industry
  • Bakery and Biscuit processing factories
  • Meat , poultry and seafood
  • Diary products factories
  • General Processing industry
  • packing and waste recycling

Our company is the distributor of INOBELTS INTERNATIONAL LTD’s products in Ghana and West
Africa, a recognized manufacturer with production branches in Germany, China, USA, and Poland who
do not compromised quality during manufacturing. INOBELTS products meet the following certifications:

  • FDA Food certification
  • European Union food certification
  • EU REACH certification
  • USDA Food grade certification
  • ANVISA Food grade certification
  • ISO flame retardant certification
  • ISO and GB anti-mold and anti-bacteria certification

In terms of your belts needs our company has 1200mm width hot-splicing/joining machine which we
can cut or split and join according to your dimensions within an hour.

Conveyor Systems

Conveyor systems is a mechanical device that transport bulk materials from one place to another
continuously in the areas of mining and aggregate , manufacturing plants , cement factories ,
assembly lines , sorting lines etc. Conveyor systems can be categories into belt conveyor, roller
conveyor, chain conveyor, bucket elevator conveyor etc. For the past two years our company has been
engaged in design and manufacturing of food-grade belt conveyors for applications in pharmaceutical
factories, food and beverage industry and also heavy-duty belt conveyors for transport of fertilizers,
stones, sand, concretes, bags etc.
The advantages of us are that, we offer best prices because we import most of the materials ourselves such as geared motors, drives systems, conveyor belts from reliable sources and some of the parts we
machined in our workshop. Our engineers usually visit customer’s site or factory to help with the
measurements, we do installations after manufacturing and also provide 24\7 after-sales support. Our
parts are from reliable manufacturers and all our food-grades belts are FDA approved

Plastic and stainless steel Slat top chains and Modular conveyor belts

ACS Ghana is a distributor of Hairise slat top chains and modular belts in Ghana and nearby West
African countries, the products are in rubber top chains, plastic top chains and stainless top chains
which mostly use in bottles packing in food and beverage, pharmaceutical industries. We do hold
stock in Ghana with various models such as 820 series, 880TAB-RT series, 880TAB series, 2350PW series, 821 and 812 series top chains.

Conveyor Rollers, Frames and Pulleys

Our rollers are imported from well-experienced manufacturers from Turkey and India, pipe diameters
of our rollers are 89mm, 101mm, 127mm and 133mm for mining, quarry, cement plants and general
applications. We keep in stock carrying rollers, return rollers, guide rollers and impact rollers; with the
help of our well experienced machinist we fabricate pulleys of maximum diameters 320mm in our
own workshop.
We fabricate conveyor roller seats or frames; return rollers brackets of any sizes in our workshop at larger quantities.

Mechanical Conveyor belt fasteners

Our company distributes high quality SELFLEX brand mechanical fasteners from Europe, a much
known brand in mining industry with quality equivalent to flexco. We have in stock various plate type
fasteners sizes such as 2inches, 1.5inches, 2.5inches and 1 inch. Hinged fasteners for rubber belt
thickness 5mm to 10mm, wire lacing fasteners usually use for light-duty conveyor belts.

Gearboxes, geared motors and variable frequency drives.

Our company is committed meeting the needs of clients in mining, construction and food and beverage industries with gearboxes, geared motors and drives. Currently we distribute AOKMAN products in Ghana and west Africa.