Truck loading conveyor 600mmx7metres , this was designed for EVERPURE GHANA LTD

Incline mobile belt Conveyor

600mmx 16metres conveyor , Capacity : 50 tons per hour transport, belt speed 2 m/ s . It was designed and manufactured by our team for Orbit Cargo Management ltd for fertilizer bagging

PVC Conveyor systems

500mmx 15mtrs, the conveyor was 5m inclined , 3m horizontal(20ft height) and 7m decline to cold room, it was designed and manufactured for Frosity Bite Icecream Ltd in Accra to conveyor finished products in cartons from production unit to cold room.


45m Inclined PVC conveyor systems

These conveyor systems were in 4 units ,8m incline, 4m horizontal ,16m and 12m overhead( 22ft height) and 8m decline to warehouse. it was design for OBUASI BITTERS in Ashanti Region to transport finished products in cartons from production unit to warehouse.


Sidewalls conveyor systems

Sidewalls Conveyor systems.500mmx4.7m

Crushing Plant belt Conveyor System

The installation and splicing job was executed by our engineers 2 years back Ferro Fabric Ltd

Curve conveyor systems

This conveyor systems was 250mm width total lenght 12metres, it was designed and fabricated for PROMASIDOR GHANA Ltd to be use in their ONGA production unit. Two sets of this unit was manufactured .

Truck loading Conveyor

500mmx4.7m , Inclined height : 1.8m( adjustable). Power 1.5kw 380v gearmotors with speed regulator. This conveyor use in loading of 25kg-80kg bags in warehouses, we can design and manufacture any dimensions according to your operation.

Truck loading conveyor

Inclined PVC belt conveyor systems

600mmx6metres inclined conveyor , height 2.7m, 3mm FDA approved white pvc conveyor belt. It was designed for Coconut processing factory in Kumasi.

Foodgrade belt conveyor systems